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Yes! I want to feel cleaner and clearer in 4 days!
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change your health. change your life.
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The Colon Cleanse contains a unique blend of fibres that act like a scrubbing brush as well as draw out toxins. These ingredients have been used safely for thousands of years to completely clean the digestive tract in an effective and gentle way. Typical off the shelf cleanses will have you "go", however this is designed to work through your system and thoroughly clean your insides.

The Tyler Tolman 4-day Colon Cleanse offers an effective and safe way to cleanse your system. The product offers the organic best colon cleanse in Australia with its pure and natural ingredients. The unique blend of fibers helps to eliminate accumulated waste from the colon. It purifies the intestine and improves general health. If you are looking for an effective colon cleanse in Australia, we have an efficient healing solution that can make you feel refreshed and revitalised.
What BENEFITS can I 
expect from the cleanse?
  • Thoroughly detox and cleanse your insides
  •  Lose up to 12kg of old faecal matter
  •  Support overall Colon health
  •  Absorb more nutrition from the food that you are eating
  •  Kick-start weight loss and a healthy lifestyle
  •  Improves digestion and prevents constipation
  •  Feel recharged physically, emotionally and mentally
  •  Increased motivation and enthusiasm
  •  Improves whole-body well-being
A 4 Day Colon Cleanse
is the NUMBER ONE thing
to do for your health!
My personal commitment to you is that you will walk away from this experience feeling re-vitalized, refreshed, awakened and absolutely ready and raring to into the world.
WHAT are other people
saying about the cleanse?


I personally lost about 3 kilograms. More than that, I just felt clear headed and healthier overall after completing the cleanse.
This is definitely a MUST DO! If not seasonally at LEAST twice a year. If like most people you indulge in the not so healthy foods in life, this cleanse is a good reset for the body. It's like drinking watered down blended oats, add some honey to sweeten.



 I felt like my body was a little sluggish for quite some time and had been meaning to do a cleanse for a while. I was unsure as to which product to go with as there are so many off the shelf products available at pharmacies, but some friends said they are quite uncomfortable to say the least! So I did a little more research online and found Tyler's cleanse, love the natural ingredients and definitely worth doing regularly!



A bit of a roller coaster ride of emotions, ups and downs as I cleanse. It has gotten much easier over time as I've done it a number of times. Physically I enjoy the weight loss and a flat tummy, and emotionally I feel a release of energy that I unknowingly store up from daily life.


My wife and I arrived back from our Honeymoon and we decided to do a cleanse after all the junkets whilst travelling! A close friend of ours had already tried Tyler's Colon Cleanse and recommended it, so we gave it a go. 
It was a little challenging the first few days as we had never done one, but our bodies felt renewed after the 4 days so we've now decided to make it a yearly routine! 

Disclaimer * Testimonials are based on individual experiences. Results will vary from person to person.

Order your Colon Cleanse now and be on your way to losing weight, feeling brighter and absorbing more nutrition from your food in just 4 days!
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We are a Melbourne distributor of the Tyler Tolman Colon Cleanse. We have tried and tested the product ourselves with proven results and are passionate about inspiring others to achieve optimum health through natural means.
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